Electric motor mechanic

Electric motor mechanic

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What do electric motor mechanic do?

An auto mechanic or technician works to identify issues and repair electric motors employed in a variety of equipment. Just as one electric motor mechanic, your duties may also include motor testing and reassembly following repair or component replacement.

Electric motor mechanics are mostly involved in performing tests and preventive maintenance. You may work to dismantle electric engines to examine the rotating equipment how the motors use to generate power. Since electric motors count on motor winding currents and magnetic fields, you may use your skills to be effective on different types of AC/DC motors, or you'll specialize in one region, such as electric car motors or AC Motor rewinding..

Electric motor mechanic salary
Some internet sources cite the normal electric motor rewinder jobs in new York in the united states makes around $45,000. The average bonus to have an Electric Motor Mechanic is $887 comprising 2% of their salary, with 100% of men and women reporting which they receive a bonus every year. Massachusetts, Ny, Hawaii and Tennessee are among the highest salary states for electric motor technicians.

Education statistics for electric motor technician:

Motor unit Mechanic, 50% with good schools.

Typical Field of Study: Electrical/Electronics Equipment Repair and installation Training

Experience or lessons in milling and lathe work are usually necessary in order to perform repair or maintenance tasks on electrical motors. Cross-training in electronics technologies are often great for working with electric motors. Working as an electric motor technician doesn’t demand a postsecondary degree. Actually, on the job training is pretty common, there exist various apprenticeship programs. Associate degrees in motor unit technology are offered also from many trade schools and community colleges.

Where are electric motors used?

Electric motors are essential. They are used in industrial cleaners, dishwashers, computers, electric vehicles, airplanes, machine tools, printing presses, subway systems, sewage treatment plants, and water pumping stations, to cover only a few applications.

Working life
Inside a typical week as an Electric Motor Repairer, you can expect to work 40 hour workweek.

What is the most commonly used electric motor?
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Three- Phase Motor - Because of high efficiency and low cost, a few phase AC motor is easily the most commonly used motor in industrial applications.

Business ownership
Just as one electric motor mechanic can pave a great way towards business ownership at the same time. Most electric motor shops are small family run companies that are able to pass wealth in the form of business ownership to there family.

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